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Date 2020-02-14

NCCU was re-established in Taiwan in 1954, and when the university was expanded in 1958, the Ministry of Finance requested the establishment of the Department of Finance and Taxation at NCCU to promote the development of experts in the field of public finance and taxation. In 1963, the Graduate Institute of Public Finance was established to offer an M.A. program in public finance and to advance the academic level of Taiwan’s research in public finance theory and its applications. Along with economic development and the needs of Taiwan’s National Economic Plans, great importance was attached to the government’s resource management and cultivation of experts in the field of policy analysis. Recognizing this trend toward specialization, in 1990 the department started recruiting more undergraduate students into two separate classes, and, beginning in 1994, undergraduate students were split into three divisions: taxation, public financial management, and public economics.

In 1995, in accordance with the university‵s departmental unification policy, the Department of Finance and Taxation and the Graduate Institute of Public Finance merged to become the Department of Public Finance. Our department has continually recruited the best teaching staff from overseas. In 1996, the department established Taiwan’s first Ph.D. program in public finance to promote and advance the level of teaching and research in the fields of public finance and public policy. According to an authoritative report entitled “Departmental Ranking Research of Taiwan Universities: Economics, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Trade and Marketing” released in December 2006 by the Education Evaluation Section of Tamkang University’s Center for Teaching, the NCCU Department of Public Finance was ranked second in the field of economics. At present, this department is actively working towards its lofty goal of becoming the leader and model for the public finance institutions for twenty-first-century Taiwan and Asia.

Past Directors and Department Chairss


Department Chair

1958-1964 Chang, Tse-yao

1963-1972 Chang, Tse-yao

1964-1968 Chen, Tsong

1963-1972 Chang, Tse-yao

1969-1972 Liu, Hsing-hwa

1963-1972 Chang, Tse-yao

1973-1977 Yuan, Tzong-wei

1973-1981 Chen, Ting-an

1978-1981 Chen, Ting-an

1973-1981 Chen, Ting-an

1982-1987 Liu, Yong-hsien

1982-1987 Hsu, Wei-chu

1988-1991 Lee, Jin-tong

1988-1991 Lee, Jin-tong

1991-1994 Lin, Chun

1991-1994 Lin, Chuan

Professor and Chair 1995 to present

1995-1999 Tseng, Chu-wei

1999-2001 Hsu, Wei-chu

2001-2003 Chou, Li-fang

2003-2007 Huang, Ming-sheng

2007-2011 Lin, Chi-ang

2011-2013 Zhou, De-yu

2013-2015.06 Huang, Jr-Tsung 

2015.06-07 Lo, Kuang-Ta (deputy)

2015.07-2018.07 Lin, Chi-ang

2018.08-2020.07 Ho, Yi-Cheng

2020.08-2023.07 Lai, Yu-Bong

2023.08~ Chen, Joe (currently in office chairman

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